Bonus Beverages (page 46)

A Basic Chocolate Drink: Cocoa powder + fruit + spice + water/plant milk is a formula that will take you far. Serve hot or cold.

Caffè Mocha: A friend of mine once had a dog named Mocha. Mocha was a wonderful dog, and this is a tasty beverage. You can think of it as a latte plus chocolate, or as a hot chocolate plus espresso. Make a mocha.

Chocolate Banana Drink: Add cocoa powder, banana, and cardamom to coconut and other plant milk. Freeze the banana before blending for a cool beverage, or blend and then simmer on the stove for a hot beverage.

Cocoa Chicha: There are lots of different kinds of chicha, but here we mean corn beer. Cocoa corn beer.

Kombucha: If you like making kombucha, experiment with steeping cocoa nibs and other herbs and spices in with the kombucha for a day or so before straining them out.

Tejate: According to Cat Callaway, our illustrator, “TEJATE IS DELICIOUS”! Furthermore, she says that “tejate is a drink that apparently only exists in Oaxaca City and its surroundings. Not coastal Oaxaca, not in the Oaxacan Sierra, just in the valley where Oaxaca City is situated. This is what I’ve been told by some Oaxacans.” We had no luck finding some of the ingredients, so keep an eye out for this non-alcoholic beverage if you’re ever in Oaxaca City!

[Bonus bonus beverages from Nicaragua.  Pinole is extremely popular, and it tastes like the bottom of a bowl of sugar-sweetened breakfast cereal.]

Wine: Serve chocolate with a dessert wine, flavor wine with cocoa, or make wine from cocoa pulp.

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